Lovi Season Tree 22cm

Lovi Season Tree, close

Lovi Season Tree, close

  • Lovi Season Tree, close
  • Wood / Light Pink
  • Wood / Warm Yellow
  • Season tree assembling

Do-it-yourself trees made from birch plywood. Can be assembled and disassembled over and over again. 3 extra flowers. Illustrated instructions included. The smallest Lovi tree is envelope size and easy to send.

49,00 €


  • Size (height/widht): 22cm/22cm
  • Package size and weight: 18cm x 34,5cm x 1,5cm / 250g (envelope size!)
  • Colors: wood/light pink
  • Material: Finnish, PEFC-certified plywood.

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Made in Finland. Patented. Design: Anne Paso 2014.